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Effective Ways To Tell The Quality Of Human Hair Extensions

April 20, 2017 9:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Hair extensions are now the hottest choice for girls who want to lengthen their hair or increase their hair volume. There is a large amount of hair extensions and it is really important that you are able to know something about the quality of hair extensions before your purchase.

Choose a reputable brand Like Celebrity Hair Extensions.
As there are so many merchants running on the hair extensions business, it is really important to buy your extensions from a reputable source. Different brands may choose different methods to process their products. There are two main ways of processing hair in the market. One is cuticle intact and the other is cuticle stripped. When we say cuticle on your hair, it means you have got a protective layer. It is clear, shingle type layer that goes on the outside of your hair. Some cheap brands of hair extension will have the cuticle removed. Once the cuticle is removed from the hair extension, you can find the diameter is smaller. You lose the properties of moisture retention and sheen and the hair extension becomes a much more dull and brittle product.
How to distinguish cuticle?
The company will actually put a moisture layer back in while the cuticle properties are stripped off. Once that hair is applied over time, it will degrade. If you wash your hair extensions every day, it will become dull gradually. What you are suggested to do is pick up a few strands of your hair and run your fingers down and then run your fingers back up the strands. You should feel some resistance. It is a very fine feeling. If you want something that is going to last longer, you are suggested to buy hair extensions with cuticle intact and that is all we carry at Celebrity Hair.
Celebrity Hair Extensions only uses top quality hair Grade 8A or higher and all of the hair is Double Drawn. What is Double drawn? this means the hair is thick all the way through unlike cheap brands that have many shorter strands of hair or scraps added to the hair . Double Drawn hair also keeps the hair from tangling.
Get your own Celebrity Hair today and create the ultimate look of your own.


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