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Hottest Trends In Hair Styles , Cuts, and Colors for 2017

December 10, 2016 12:16 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It seems that 2016 started only a few days ago, but now it’s about to end. It’s funny how fast time goes by! A new year means that the trends in fashion, hairstyle and beauty are going to be changing once again. In today’s post, we will be talking about the hottest new trends in hairstyles and cuts/colors for 2017. You need to be well prepared for the New Year, which is why we decided to put together these trends for all you ladies out there. So, let’s go ahead and get started:
The Wet Hair Look
If you thought that wet hair made you look unattractive, 2017 is the time for you to start thinking differently. Slicked back wet hair looks were seen on all the latest runway shows, which automatically means that it’s going to be a hot trend for the upcoming year. You hair doesn’t have to actually be wet to achieve this look. Lot of hair cream, gels, oils and mouse would be required to achieve this hairstyle. You can use a ‘lightweight sculpting wax’ for this look.

Hair accessories are always going to be trending, but for 2017, it seems that they would be much more popular than usual. Everything from cute headbands to clips, ribbons, flowers and hair jewelry; you need to try out this awesome 2017 hairstyle trend.

Denim Hair

If you are someone who really want to make a statement with their hair, this the hair color that you need to try in 2017. The shade falls somewhere in between electric blue and pastel blue. It sort of looks like the color of denim, which is why we decided to call it that!

Do you know what a lob is? It is a long bob! It’s not too short or not to long; which makes it the perfect combo. It’s easy to style and looks totally adorable. Use hair styling tools from Aria Beauty to style your lob.

Not So Basic Braids

In 2017, don’t just settle for the basic braids. Side braids, double braids, braided headbands; those are all last year. For 2017, do something different, something unique and even something crazy. Get inspired by the images we added for you guys to see.

Grey Hair/ Platinum
Yes, you heard that right! Grey hair is one of the hottest hair color for 2017 and will surely make you look completely unique. You can go for a solid grey look, grey edges, or even a grey balayage; it’s all up to you.

Are you ready for the New Year? We know we are!

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