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Holiday up do’s and beauty tips

November 19, 2016 9:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

You probably want to look extra special during the holiday season. This year, don’t settle for a basic blowout but instead go for a super gorgeous up-do that will make you look glamorous. Pair that’s sexy strapless dress with any of these elegant up-do and you will surely stand out at any holiday party.
Here are some totally amazing Holiday up-do’s that you will surely fall in love with:
Simple Yet Classy Up-do
This holiday season; add a little bling to your hairdo. Pin your sparkly accessory on top of a twisted bun which has exposed ends. An amazing thing about this hairdo is that it looks like your hair is tied in a knot. You can go for a flower or a bejeweled barrette for this up-do. One thing is for sure, it will surely dress up your simple and casual do.
Voluminous Braided Up-do
This hairstyle is perfect for that boho girl who loves a braided up-do. Add some volume to your hair by using clip on hair extensions by Hair Couture. To make this super cute hairstyle, all you need to know are basis braiding skills. Oh, and you would also need to own bobby pins. Part your hair from the center and start doing pigtails. Make sure to keep the braids loose so that they appear thicker. Wrap each braid over your head and secure it using bobby pins.
Roll and Tuck Elegant Up-do
This up-do is super easy to do and looks really elegant. Pull all your hair back, but leave a few strands to help frame your face. Gather the rest of the hair together like you were to make a low ponytail. But, instead of making the ponytail, twist your hair inwards (towards your head), starting from the tips and going in until the twist touches your head. Now secure this twist with bobby pins and you are done!
Upgraded Ballerina Bun
This up-do is an upgrade to a simple ballerina bun. To make this hairstyle, pull your hair to the back and make a regular braid. Next, fold this braid into a bun and secure with bobby pins. The braid adds a lot of texture to this up-do and makes it standout.
Beauty Tips for Holiday Up-do’s
When it comes to holiday up-do’s, there are a few things you should remember:
* – Use as many bobby pins as you like. Your up-do should be properly secured so that nothing goes lose all night.
* – Make sure your bobby pins are not visible because that never looks appealing
* – Hairspray is important! It will hold your hair in place, so don’t forget it.
And there you have it! These holiday up-dos will surely work for everyone!

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