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Need A New Eye Lash Style? Check Out These Popular Applications!

September 15, 2016 9:33 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Popular among every woman and girl, the eyeliner is a cosmetic product which is designed to define the eyes by applying it around the shape of the eye to formulate totally different aesthetic illusions . Adagio Beauty supply in Scottsdale Arizona carries some of the best Eyeliner and makeup products on the market. Specializing in European brands from Italy, and all the top fashion markets. You don’t have to travel the world for the best products you just have get over to Adagio beauty in Scottsdale.

Using the top brands eyeliner is used as a daily makeup for defining the eye or creating the optical illusion of a wider or smaller eye . Eyeliners can be used to create many different looks, and highlight various features of your eye if done correctly. Adagio Beauty has expert staff members that will help you create the perfect look. We also supply many products that can create beautiful eyelashes, with products from eyelash extensions ,eyelash dye, to eyelash fibers that give the appearance of longer and beautiful lashes without the hassle of putting on false eyelashes.

Listed below are some techniques to create beautiful eyes.

  • Pin up: Which has a long line from the inner corner of the eye to the exterior corner giving the effect of elongating the eye.
  • Smooth: A more rounded line, which follows the upper line.
  • Drama: A thick black line covering the entire upper eyelid.
  • Luxe: Similar to the Drama only thinner.
  • Simple: Just a very thin line above the lashes.
  • Classic: From the Iris to the exterior corner of the eye getting thicker at the end.
  • Bold: Thick from beginning to end but only on upper eyelid.
  • Basic: a very Subtle line accentuating the interior corner of the eye , upper and lower eyelid at the together.
  • Feline: A sharp line that starts from a very thin line in the inner corner, and it gets up right at the outer corner, with long eyelashes this is suitable, for special romantic evenings.
  • Everyday: This is a line that is thick on the middle of the eyelid , right above the iris for larger eyes.

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