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9 Skin Care Tips For Healthy and Glowing Skin

September 28, 2016 10:33 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Taking care of your skin is super important and for that you need to have the best skin care products out there. Lucky for you, Adagio Beauty Scottsdale is a makeup supplier that gives you a chance to shop high-quality skin care products with ease. Besides using good products, there are some tips that you can follow for a healthy and glowing skin.

1. Prevent Redness by Drinking Cold Water

If you face gets redness for no reason, drink a glass of chilled water when such a thing happens. The cold water will cause your blood vessels to tighten and cool you from inside.


2. Your Dirty Cell Phone Can Cause Breakouts

You may not realize this, but a major reason why you may be breaking out is because of your dirty cell phone. Make sure that you clean it at least once a week using antibacterial wipes.

3. Brighten Your Skin Naturally With Soymilk

If you are looking for a way to refresh your complexion, try dipping a washcloth in soy milk and putting it on your face for about 10 minutes. Do this once a week for best results. Soy prevents wrinkles and brightens up your skin as it contains phytoestrogen.

4. Moisturize your Skin Right after Showering

Moisturizing your skin is super important, but doing so right after you get out of the shower ensures great results. When you massage an oil-based lotion or cream into damp skin, it helps to trap water and thus help in hydrating your skin. At Adagio Beauty Scottsdale, Phoenix we offer products from Pharmagel. Their HydrO2xy-10 moisturizer is an amazing choice as it helps in making your skin appear lifted and firmer.


5. Get Smooth Skin with Sour Cream

Apply a tablespoon of full-fat sour cream twice a week to sensitive skin. Allow it to stay there for 20 minutes and then wash with cold water. This helps in nourishing prickly complexions and the lactic acid helps in giving your skin a smooth and soft feel.


6. Prevent an Oily Face with Cold Black Tea

If you are having trouble with an oily face, use cool black tea to splash your face with. But make sure that you do not rinse! This simple and easy tip works like a charm.

7. Use Honey On Your Face While Taking A Bath

While relaxing in a steamy bathtub, slather honey on your clean face. Honey consists of natural enzymes that are great for exfoliating. In addition to that, it is also contains high amount of humectants that helps in reducing the loss of moisture from your face.


8. A Pre-Makeup Massage Can Reduce Puffiness

Use a moisturizer to massage your face and neck for about 5 minutes before you start doing your makeup. A relaxed face will ensure that you are able to apply foundation easily and much more smoothly.

9. Avoid Using The Same Towel on Your Hair And Face

If you use the same towel on your hair and face, the oils from your scalp will get rubbed all over your face and thus lead to breakouts.

Follow these tips and enjoy healthy and glowing skin. And if you want some good quality and trusted products, don’t forget to shop at Adagio Beauty!

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